Facility Dogs

Facility Dogs

Jake and Nike are professionally trained facility dogs from Duo Dogs Inc., a non-profit organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International.

They are able to sit with the child while they are in the waiting room, during the forensic interview, sexual assault exam, trauma assessments, mental health therapy and court prep.

Jake participated in 291 interviews in 2018 and Nike joined our team in August of 2019.

Research shows that petting a dog has been known to lower your heartrate. The presence of a dog is also known to decrease feelings of loneliness and improve depression and self-esteem.

Wells, D. L. (2009). The effects of animals on human health and well-being. Journal of Social Issues, 65, 523-543.



Do Jake and Nike live at the CSC?

No, Jake and Nike were born and trained in St. Louis, Missouri but now live with their primary handler.

Do Jake and Nike do normal dog stuff?

Yes! When Jake and Nike aren’t working, they love to play and run outside, chew on their bones and eat treats.

Do Jake and Nike come to work every day?

Jake and Nike come to work Monday-Friday and after hours as needed. Jake and Nike do take breaks during the day when they are not hanging out with kids.

Are Jake and Nike Police Dogs?

No, they do not sniff out drugs or other contraband. Their job at the Child Safety Center is to interact with children to help them feel more comfortable and safe.

Quotes from children who have interacted with Jake at the Child Safety Center:
    • “I love him so much. He made me feel comfortable.”
    • “Thank you for keeping me company when I needed it.”
    • “Thank you for sitting and comforting me in my time of need.”
    • “I loved having you with me. You were very comforting. Thank you for being there.”
    • “I love you Jake.”
    • “Thank you for helping me feel better.”
    • “You kept me calm and relaxed.”